"Popping life into your ideas"

We’d like to take this slot to introduce a concept. We came together to create something that can benefit all the blooming businesses to establish their brand presence.

Popcorn was established to provide a unique flavour to your special idea. Our goal is to give your dream the pedestal it deserves. We believe in taking a seed (the idea), nurturing it (planning it) and delivering the most crunchy, amazing popcorn (the final model) you’ve ever seen.

We, at Popcorn, theorised what we call as the ‘The Pop Theory’. It is, in our opinion, a ground-breaking method to take your idea to reach its maximum potential.

Let’s have a look at "The Pop Theory"

Step 1


It all starts with a seed, the idea. We prepare your idea for the journey to becoming a mouth-watering brand.

Step 2


We take your idea and do extensive research around it to come up with statistical breakdowns.

Step 3


The team goes full throttle into making your dream a reality. We start working on the modules that you opt for and design aesthetically amazing outputs.

Step 4


And finally, we not only serve your idea beautifully on a dish, but we also mix it with a unique blend of flavours that make it a one-of-a-kind and an audience-pleasing experience

So, what are you waiting for?

If you believe your idea can build a blooming business, hit us up 'cause we’re always ready to pop your ideas into the cheesy POPCORNS that you've always been looking for.
And remember one thing,
It all just starts with a POP.


The magic spell we added to pop this products.